From a young age I was hooked by the massive potential of computing, software, repeatability without errors that humans make, and the sheer joy of finding new ways to make things work. Later on, I learned that was basically called: Hacking. Or: Finding new ways to do things.

Finding one ‘thing’ and learning, no, REALLY learning it. Like I did with config.sys and autoexec.bat. That was so much fun, I never stopped doing it. Right up until this day.

These days I specialize in all things Linux, cloud and all manners of automation. It’s a pretty darn broad playing field I know. I find that Linux uniquely suits my way of working and thinking. Each part is made to work and do one thing really, no, REALLY well. The power comes when you combine two or more of such programs to do something completely different and awesome.

Let’s build stuff!

Actually, lets build stuff together right now;
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